April 28, 2015


I had an exhibition opening in Ziferblat Ljubljana last Friday and I want to share with you some photos. It was a really nice event with friends and some new people and  was happy for how it turned out.
The place Ziferblat is great: it's kind of cafe/living room where you pay the time you spend inside, not what you take. As soon as Barbara took me there I was completely sure that I need to make the exhibition in that place. People who work there are not the snobby waiters, but are warm and make you feel at home. Just great.

I came in the morning with my father who helped me with the arrangements- I'm so grateful for learning from him this practical side of being an artist.

 dario and me

Lucija from Ziferblat was asking few questions about my work and one of them was when did I start drawing: I answered that as I remember I made a great trend of drawing hens with crowns in kindergarten, and everyone was copying me. I need to find those drawings, seriously.

My dear friend and musician Tjaša sang few songs- listening to her voice is like going to a wonderful world of light violet colour. I didn/t know which songs she will sing, but she chose as first one Bodi svetilka (Be the light). And later on I explained that one of my main concepts for the series was light. Light in a meaning that you have to paint your own bright world when everything is dark around you. I was in a pretty bad state when painting this. But I was reading a lot about meditation and being present in the moment, and I realised that it's only me who can make myself happy. I am the only  one responsible for being master of my thoughts. And this was a challenge: to paint with warm, bright and joyful colours, even when I felt like violent red. And when the painting was finished, I felt good. I felt that it's going to be fine.

Tjaša is also a multi talented young woman: we both believe that art doesn't have just one form, but it's everything and everywhere. In photography, design, music, clothes.. Why would someone restrict himself if he/she enjoys the transitions? For a long time I was frustrated because I was told to choose one thing- but why if I want do them all?

I like to experiment with colours and mediums. The most amazing thing of painting is that you are really free. You can create whatever you want on that white canvas. This is why I could never stop painting- as long as I am such dreamer.

With my mom- she's totally one of the greatest coaches ever- she pushes me to work even when I don't feel like doing it.

 in the back my brother and his girlfriend

Polona is one of my best friends from university- we met after more than half year- and we both agreed that it seem yesterday. Time for real friends passes differently.

I'd like to thank everyone who came and all the team Ziferblat, the exhibition is up until 30 May 2015 so if you are around Ljubljana take a look!


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